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This is a Full-time position in Durgapur, West Bengal posted .

Recruitment Candidates for “School Teacher Jobs in Durgapur“.

“Jobs in Durgapur”

School Teacher Jobs in Durgapur

School Teacher Jobs in Durgapur
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School Teacher Jobs Salary : 8,000/- to 10,000/-.

Duty Hours : 8 Hours. (Holiday – Sunday)

Type of Job : Computer School Teacher Job is Available

Job Location: Jobs in Durgapur, Jobs in Asansol, Jobs in Bardhaman, Jobs in Dhanbad, Jobs in Medinipur, Jobs in Purulia, Jobs in Jharkhand & All over West Bengal

School Teacher Jobs Qualification Required: – Minimum  H.S pass With Basic Computer Skills.

For more information : Contact – Job Resource Point, Webel I.T Park, Barjora, Bankura.

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school teacher jobs in bankura

Suggestion For Giving Interview :

  • Practice good and incredible communication
  • Clothing for work or organization
  • Listen
  • Don’t talk too much
  • Don’t be too familiar
  • Use appropriate language
  • Don’t be cocky
  • Take care And answer the question Correctly.
  • Ask questions
  • Don’t appear desperate

Tips for Improve Your Skills :

  • Be Prepared.
  • Stay Comfortable.
  • consistent with your Answers.
  • Fully conversational.
  • flexible.
  • Work on your listening skills.
  • Act naturally.
  • Don’t worry if there’s silence.
  • Ask appropriate queries.
  • And Finally Work on Your Answers Because A Job is Very Important For You.

Is there any Problem With this Job ?

School Teacher Jobs Introduction :

So, Teaching as a teacher is a method that uses play techniques to facilitate learning. It is a holistic teaching methodology designed to test critical thinking, but, feelings and ethical values ​​and to integrate informational information to broaden the learning experience and make it more relevant to everyday life situations.

The teacher in the role of student in computer
If the role of a teacher is taught, the role of a student must be learned. However, it is agreed that reading is not simply a practice of reading and reciting information, but also gaining a deeper insight into events and situations. So, This is where drama becomes an invaluable tool. Through the use of drama and dramatic conventions, a teacher simply teaches “what” and not “why” and “how”.

Teacher in Role :

After That Drama strategies in teaching help students to step back from normal teaching strategies. As students are able to be listeners and speakers and recipients of knowledge, but they are able to communicate better on a conceptual, personal and social level. Using role-play, teachers give them a way to look at and think about a situation, using the “underlying” behavior for a given role. Instead, teachers can allow students to take charge of their own learning and facilitate it. We have the ability to build their skills rather than create their own skills. Through role-playing, they gain knowledge of how the role is involved.

The “Role in the Teacher” strategy allows students to create their imagination there while also questioning, challenging and processing their thoughts. Despite gaining knowledge, it improves students’ personal social strategies such as eye contact and gestures. But, They adopt different character personalities and interact with the class to see how the teachers were able to secure the feeling of failure by encouraging and supporting some kind of work, and how each student had different ideas.

So, Rolls is one of the best teachers in practice on a TV talk show interviewing different people from educational books / stories. When students are learning they are learning by themselves the whole way of learning. Teaching drama techniques are fun for the purpose of teaching, however, when kids find things interesting, fun and different.

Importance of Teacher :

The importance of a teacher as an architect to our future generations demands that only the best and most skill members of our intellectuals should be allow to qualify for this noble profession. It is unfortunate that generally the worst and most incompetent people enter this profession. Whoever fails to find the inauguration of any other step in life, gets into the profession and plays tirelessly with the destiny of the nation. An important reason for this is the poor salaries of our primary and secondary teachers that are no better than clerks. A huge number of our teachers are so frustrated and interested. A relevant example is currently prevalent in South Africa where teachers are resigning or taking retirement options early in the month between 202 and 28.

They have to go for part-time work to meet their basic needs. Again, the teaching profession also enjoy the respect it deserves in society. Primary and secondary teachers are especially at a disadvantage. Their status is lower than that of physicians, engineers, advocates, civil servants; Even less than half-educated and illiterate traders. So for a person who wishes to leave the career of a doctor or engineer for education, though interested in his studies and training, it requires a great deal of commitment. So, when choosing a good teacher, it must be kept in mind that teachers are given better opportunities, possibilities and differences.

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7,000/- to 9,000/-.


How to Apply:

1 Copy Passport Size Photo, 1 copy Resume / CV / Bio Data 1 Copy Adhaar Card Xerox