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Telecom Tower-Maintenance – Jobs in Durgapur-West Bengal | Job Resource

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This is a Full-time position in Durgapur posted .

  • Recruitment Candidates for Telecom Tower-maintenance

Jobs in Durgapur-West Bengal

Telecom Tower-Maintenance - Jobs in Durgapur-West Bengal | Job Resource

“Jobs in Asansol-west Bengal”

Telecom Jobs Salary:- 14,000/- to 16,000/-

Telecom Job Duty Hours:- 8 Hours. (Holiday – Sunday)

  • Loading and Traveling Expenses Company Provided.

Job Location:– Jobs in Bankura, Jobs in Durgapur, Jobs in Burdwan, Jobs in Dhanbadh, Jobs in Medinipur, Jobs in Purulia, Jobs in Jharkhand, jobs-in-asansol-west-bengal & All over West Bengal.

Qualification Required:- Minimum H.S Pass and above for this Tower Maintenance Jobs.

For more information : Contact – Job Resource Point,Weble I.T Park, Barjora,Bankura.

For More details contact:-

Debananda Banerjee:- 6289671005

Soma Chakraborty:- 9339454998



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Telecom Tower Maintenance Job Introduction :

Tower maintenance is a regular operation that our engineers take through. After that Depending on the purpose, we conduct a variety of maintenance activities that are preventive (pre-monsoon) or rectifier (post-disaster) or routine / pre-determined.

“Jobs in Asansol-west Bengal so, You can Apply Now

Telecom Tower Maintenance … So Our professionals adopt highly effective maintenance service to install, repair and paint various masts. After That Our skilled team members install this mast within the agreed time. Furthermore, we will provide our services as needed to maintain and destroy the masts / towers. So, The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a warning to consumers to beware of high-end alloy offers from mobile tower installations And The regulator has made it clear that it is not indirectly involved in setting up a mobile tower.

Cell tower technicians, wireless service technicians, cell site technicians, cell site engineers, aerial technicians, field technicians, tower hands or straight tower dogs are people who specialize in the maintenance, but installation and dismantling of cellular tower components, such as cellular, wire fencing, annotated people, Optic cable and cell phone, television, radio etc. But They essentially broadcast their telecommunications towers for poor work. And They also work with electronic equipment.

Telecommunication towers are radio masts and towers built primarily for telecommunication antennas. And Such antennas often have a large area, and of course it should be noted that these national towers should be built in such a way that they do not swing too much in the air. So the types of very stable structures, such as low forgery towers and reinforced concrete towers, are used most often, but the matted masts are still used.

Telecom Tower maintenance Jobs in Durgapur

Suggestion For Giving Interview :

  • Practice good and incredible communication
  • Clothing for work or organization
  • Listen
  • Don’t talk too much
  • Don’t be too familiar
  • Use appropriate language
  • Don’t be cocky
  • Take care And answer the question Correctly.
  • Ask questions
  • Don’t appear desperate

Tips for Improve Your Skills :

  • Be Prepared.
  • Stay Comfortable.
  • consistent with your Answers.
  • Fully conversational.
  • flexible.
  • Work on your listening skills.
  • Act naturally.
  • Don’t worry if there’s silence.
  • Ask appropriate queries.
  • And Finally Work on Your Answers Because A Job is Very Important For You.

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So, A cell site, cell tower, And cellular base station is a cellular-enabled mobile device site where antennas and electronic communication equipment are placed – usually on a radio mast, tower, or other raised structure – to create a cell (or adjacent cell) to a cell. Over cellular networks. So, Elevated structures typically support antennas [clarification required] and one or more transmitter / receiver transceivers, digital signal processors, control electronics. And a GPS receiver for timing, primary and backup electrical power sources and shelters.

So, In global systems for mobile communication networks, the correct word is the base transceiver station, and the synonym for “mobile phone mast” or “base station” And Multiple cellular providers often save money by mounting their antennas on a common shared mast; Because individual systems use different frequencies, antennas can be located very close without interfering with each other. Some supply companies operate multiple cellular networks, and likewise use collocated base stations for two or more cellular networks.

So, Some cities require that cell sites be irrelevant; but They can be mix with surrounding areas or fitt into a building or advertising tower [these installations are commonly referr to as secret cell sites or stealth cell sites.

Cellular network is a network of handheld mobile phones (cell phones) where each phone communicates with the telephone network by radio waves through a local antenna at a cellular base station (cell site)But The coverage areas in which the service is provided are divided into a mosaic of small geographical regions called “cells”, served separate low-power multichannel transceivers and antennas at each base station And All cell phones within a cell communicate with the system via the antenna of that cell on the individual frequency channels assigned to the base station from a common pool of frequencies used with the system.


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